“Rajni worked as a assistant tour manager on a 26 concert cross-country bus tour and was amazing at handling all the travel and accommodation details. She also helped with accounting and royalty reports. She is very reliable, trustworthy and easy to work with.”

Paul Temple, Prabhu Music

Rajni is very professional, a good listener, and very practical oriented, to organize what needs to be organized. She helped me get my online presence more streamline, clear. I like that she is available long-distance if I ever need her.”

  Jill Van Dyke, Intuitive, Artist, teacher

“Rajni (Caryn at the time) worked for me for several years at Scottsdale Homes. She made my life easy with her awesome organizational skills and dependable work ethic. She always completed tasks and projects much more quickly that I expected and never balked at a request. Her calm, happy and pleasant nature is contagious and we can use use a little more of that at times, right? I highly recommend her to anyone needing help in their business environment”

Scott Dale Owner, Scottsdale Properties

“I highly recommend Rajni and her business, Gaia Business Services, for any organzing project. She has been instrumental in getting my home office organized and getting my personal space decluttered. There are many “rules” that one needs to follow to let that “pack-rat” tendency go, and Rajni is patient, yet firm, in helping people incorporate those rules into their daily lives.”

Marella Colyvas, Technical Writer at HP

“I have worked with Rajni from Gaia Business Services several times over the years. She is the person I have come to rely on when I need a calm, thoughtful and creative presence to help me sort and organize. I highly recommend her for her many skills and her grounded presence!”

Lila Sophia Tresemer

“Thank you Rajni, for your patience and clarity. I can see the top of my desk, my computer files are easier to navigate and my office feels better. I look forward to making even more improvements next time we work together.”

Ramone Yaciuk  Owner, My Communications Works