Riding the Waves- Fall 2017

Wow the summer has really whizzed by! This tends to happen when you are focused and BUSY! Despite the numerous outpouring of back to back events and activities I experienced starting in June traveling to Colorado & New Mexico for International Womens camp; developing and tending The Hot Springs Farmers Market which actually began last winter but really revved up this summer; Then in July teaching at the South Dakota Yoga Conference; In August we took another trip to Colorado and upon our return I hosted a special early morning 2.5 hour Sadhana for Yogi Bhajans birthday with six yogis in attendance; Throughout this summer I assisted a local group to create a Health & Wellness Directory for the Southern Black Hills which will be available soon; in addition to these things we had our usual summer visitors and activities; then the final climax event was fulfilling a longtime dream of co-creating a “Peace Mandala” though my Change for Peace Initiative.   Change For Peace



However this was one of the smoothest busy times I think I’ve ever had. When I say smooth, I mean I don’t recall ever feeling stressed out or overwhelmed. There were times for sure that I was aware of this immense energy carrying me along. It felt as if I was ridinga big wave rather than giving into the feeling that “it is too much”. I’ve never surfed a real ocean wave, but I think I now understand that sensation of riding the energy rather than letting it take you down! I give thanks and so much gratitude for my steady practice of Kundalini Yoga and Mediation which I am certain has given me the tools needed to have this new experience. It’s like being in the eye of a storm, that quite sweet spot in the center of chaos. I think this is what we all need to cultivate to get through these turbulent times. I pray that all of us find a practice or tool that helps us feel this type of peace despite what’s happening on the outside. With all of the on-going media propelled opportunities to engage in our opposing opinions, please remember that Peace Begins Within!

OCTOBER KUNDALINI YOGA SCHEDULE;  Now after all the activity, it is time for me to take a pause, a brake to tend to some other needs. I will continue teaching my regular schedule of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation now through October 4th.

Then I will be gone Oct. 8th-28th.  I will resume my normal schedule the week of Oct. 30th Monday mornings 10-11:15am and Wednesday evenings from 5:15-6:30pm until further notice.

Have a blessed fall and harvest~