Professional Organizing

After two decades working both in the profit and not profit sectors with a wide variety of clients, I have gained a wide range of skills and abilities to help you break through your barriers to success. Some of the ways I have assisted my clients, but not limited to are;

  • Fine tuning or re-arranging the physical organization in their home or business to create a more efficient use of space.
  • Complete time consuming or undesirable administrative tasks such as filing, bill paying, data-entry, phone calls, event planning, internet research.
  • Organize your computer files and contacts so that you can find information quickly.
  • Review areas of stagnation or challenges and help clients develop new tools and habits to improve their systems.
  • Light bookkeeping, client billing, develop excel spreadsheets and other financial tracking tasks.
  • Create marketing materials such as flyers, websites, facebook pages & business cards.
  • Plan a special event or campaign.

I’d love to meet or talk with you about how I can assist you to clear the clutter, improve your systems, or address other organizational challenges.




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