Change For Peace

IMG_0440In the midst of all the recent current events, I had a divine dream and inspiration for peace.

I pledge to Create Peace Within and work toward Peace Without.

Will you join me?

I started a Change for Peace group here in Hot Springs, SD and am hoping groups like this will emerge all across the country.

The idea is to invite and include everyone to Change for Peace. Whether you want to meet regularly or on an occasional basis, participants come together to create a projects such as, Peace Rocks, Peace Doves, Bens Bells, bookmarks, quilts, a peace mandala or any other ideas that emerge. Projects could be anywhere from very simple to complex the possibilities are endless! Anything that promotes peace through art, poetry, Random Acts of Kindness etc…While participant’s come together to create these peace symbols, they enjoy sharing community with one another, thus creating peace. Furthermore, created items can then gifted directly to someone you know, a stranger or left randomly where you want to spread the message of peace. Peace grows in this way from the inside out, from one heart to another.  Change for Peace groups can meet at someone’s home, at a public venue or be brought to churches, schools, elder care facilities etc.

Simple & Stress Free: It’s easier to feel peace without stress. So keep it simple, there is no need for dues nor commitments. People can participate anytime. A Change for Peace collection jar could be available for people to make donations which could go toward the art supplies needed to do these projects, pay for meeting space if needed and snacks. Any extra money generated could be passed on to other peace initiatives in your community. If you don’t want to have a collection jar, you could simply have everyone bring their own materials or take turns each month donating materials to the group project. 

Here are some examples of easy Change for Peace project ideas already started in other communities:

1) Change For Peace Coins:

2) Peace Rocks:

3) Peace Doves:

4) Ben’s Bells:

For more information and to share what you are doing in your community to Create Peace please join us: Change For Peace

Enjoy this beautiful video to become Inspired: