Do you feel bogged down and burdened by all the piles of “Stuff” in every corner of your home?

Do you feel overwhelmed and unable to complete tasks that need to be done?


Do you have barriers that are preventing you from manifesting your dreams and visions?


Your not alone, in this information age many people often experience one or more of these feelings. We live in a very stressful and fast-passed world that demands a lot from us. Fortunately, there are many tools that can help us move beyond these obstacles.


Gaia Services can assist you in overcoming these obstacles with one or more of my services. With professional organizational services, I can help you catch up, renew your systems so you can be more effective in your home or office. Come to a Kundalini Yoga class where you will move stagnant energy and remove emotional blocks so that you can keep up with all your daily responsibilities with ease.

I’m also passionate about building healthy communities and activities. Coming soon, my Community Events Page. Here I will share some of  the projects I’ve started or contributed to. And how I can help you get started in your community.

Feel free to review each section of my website to learn more and call for a FREE 20-minute consultation today.